While 2022 made revenge travel a hot trend with airports and tourist destinations swamped with people, 2023 seems to be the year to rest and explore exciting places with leisure. “That means leisurely strolling through neighbourhoods with no set plan, putting aside time to unwind in nature, and following surprising new passions, to-do list be damned,” Eater, a food website by Vox Media, wrote. As we know, enjoying local cuisine and famous dishes forms an essential part of any trip. So much so that many people plan their journeys around food.

If you are one of them, Eater’s dining destinations list for 2023 can be the perfect cue for you! The food website noted that while picking these places, “we thought not just about hit lists and must-try dishes (though those are important, too), but also the aspects of meals that make them feel immersive: the people, environment, culture, and history behind foods that force us to pause, inspire us to stray off the preplanned path, and tempt us to stay forever.”

“Whether it’s the acidic hit of banana ketchup that sparks dialogue about Filipino food history, the intricate durum wheat pastas that distinguish Sardinia’s rural identity from the Italian mainland, or the endemic titi seabird harvested by Rakiura Maori hunters that have aided a conversation about language and Indigenous culinary roots, these elements reveal deeper context to visitors who hang around long enough to taste it,” Eater wrote.

It shared 11 destinations across the world that “encourage us to not just stuff ourselves until we’re full, but to eat, drink, and travel fully”.

The list featured one famous Indian city which is famous for its versatile cuisine not just in the country, but across the globe. Wondering what is it? It’s the City of joy, Kolkata.

Eater noted that even as the arts and fashion scene pushes boundaries in Kolkata, conversations about food have long been charged with nostalgia, dominated by eateries that have been around for decades. “In the past few years, though, the city’s culinary scene has undergone a transformation, with a slew of openings, more local chefs experimenting with seasonal produce, and posh venues engaging with global flavours and sustainable practices. Even traditional establishments are getting in on the rush, like the city’s age-old pice hotels: Once strictly functional eateries serving economical, homestyle Bengali food, they’re increasingly catering to visitors looking to better understand Kolkata’s cuisine and culture,” Priyadarshini Chatterjee, a food writer, said.

Some unmissable sweet treats which Kolkata is famous for, include Amriti, Mishti Doi, Sandesh, Roshogolla and Darbesh.

Check out the complete list of best food destinations for 2023:

*Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa
*Asheville, North Carolina
*Albuquerque, New Mexico
*Guatemala City, Guatemala
*Cambridge, England
*Dakar, Senegal
*Halland, Sweden
*Sardinia, Italy
*Kolkata, India
*Manila, Philippines
*Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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