Sri Lanka is a fascinating island nation in the midst of the Indian Ocean with mesmerising views and beautiful landscapes. Famous for its clear blue beaches, lush greenery, and misty mountains that make you fall in love with the island. If you’re planning a visit to Sri Lanka, listed below are three things it’s best to do before you go.

Plan Your Accommodation

It is significant to book your accommodation before you travel as most hotels in Sri Lanka are likely to get booked fast as there’s high demand. You will find some iconic hotel chains resembling Aitken Spence Hotels where yow will discover accommodation in several locations on the island for nice deals and membership offers.

Research the culture

Sri Lanka Culture
Sri Lanka Culture – Photo by Eddy Billard on Unsplash

Sri Lanka has a captivating culture and heritage that dates back centuries, and it is vital to respect and familiarise yourself with the traditions, rituals, and customs within the country. For example, it is taken into account disrespectful to decorate in revealing clothes and wear hats, caps, and footwear to spiritual sites. You needs to be well aware of methods to meet, greet, and treat the locals for a journey with zero bumps within the road.

Check Health and Safety Requirements

Before you travel to Sri Lanka, it’s a very good idea to get vaccinated for COVID-19 and check the travel restrictions, entry requirements and health regulations before you make plans. In some instances, you will likely be required to provide a negative PCR test or your vaccination card on arrival. It can be good to be prepared for any health issues and complications you could have before you pack your bags.






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