Top 5 tourist destinations in Spiti Valley

Apr 12, 2022, 09:34 am
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Spiti Valley welcomes tourists from all over India and has surprises for every kind of traveler. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The name “Spiti” means “The middle land,” referring to the land between India and Tibet.

Those seeking adventure or spiritual retreat would love this place.

The Valley gets around 250 days of sunshine a year.

The unique terrain of the Valley invites travelers from all over India.

Spiti Valley is a paradise on Earth. Here are five places you should not miss out on.

The Key Monastery is the biggest and the oldest in Himachal Pradesh.

It is located at a height of 4,166 meters above sea level and is surrounded by mountains and valleys.

The monastery is decorated with beautiful murals, manuscripts, and wind instruments.

Founded in the 11th century, the monastery used to house about 350 lamas once upon a time for training.

Located at a height of 4200 meters above sea level, the Chandratal Lake is a peaceful haven from the hullabaloo of city life.

Being one of the most attractive tourist spots in Spiti Valley, the sight around does not disappoint.

The mountains and meadows are covered with wildflowers and make for a magnificent view.

The trail to this lake is pretty treacherous though.

Situated at a height of 4,270 meters, Kibber is the highest motorable village in the world.

Trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts converge here in large numbers.

For those who love stargazing or astrophotography, your jaw would drop at the exceptional sight of the Milky Way here.

The Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary here is home to several animals like snow leopard, red fox, and blue sheep.

Kaza has some amazing historical and natural wonders and is a huge pull for those interested in spirituality.

This beautiful town is pollution-free and very hospitable.

Kaza is the base camp for many trekking trails and other adventure activities.

The town is also well known for colorful festivals and the Sakya Tangyud Monastery.

The best time to visit is May to September.

If archaeology arouses your mind, Tabo caves are a must-visit!

Tabo Rock Art is a wonder for history lovers and is proof of Prehistoric human civilization in the region.

The paintings on the caves are pretty similar to the ones found in Ajanta, in Maharashtra.

The caves are located above the Tabo Monastery, which is believed to be over a thousand years old.


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