Look no further, the Philippines is paradise itself. There’s no slowing down one’s revived wanderlust as the demand for flights across the country continues to rise. What with most people wanting to once again experience the thrill of travelling.

Whether you’re up for daring activities such as diving, or simply want to check out the local food scene or relax with a glass of champagne, travel offers endless possibilities.

Here are the top seven domestic destinations for Filipinos this 2023, according to a survey by Airbnb.

Cebu City

First on the list is the Queen City of the South. Get aboard and find out where the biggest and most colorful festival in the country takes place. Cebu City is most known for the annual Sinulog festival, which draws tens of thousands of visitors and believers to celebrate their faith and the rich cultural heritage of the Cebuanos.

The city also boasts of an unrivaled urban landscape for travelers keen on strolling around and socializing. Anywhere you go, you can spot cool cafes, fabulous diners, and must-try street food to complete your gastronomic adventure. Don’t skip the places offering tuslob buwa (stew made of pork brain and liver) and lechon (roasted pig) for an unforgettable food trip. Cebu City also has the best clubbing experiences when evening falls. Dance the night away in the hottest party events and bless your ears with the best EDM bangers from its many talented local DJs.

Lapu-Lapu City

Named after the nation’s first hero, Lapulapu, this city is rich in history and culture. A trip to this city won’t be complete without a visit to the Lapu-Lapu and Monument Shrine in honor of Cebu’s courageous ancestors.

The city’s main tourist attractions are, of course, its white sand beaches. It also has gorgeous sunsets. Bask in the exquisite beauty of Lapu-Lapu that is friendly to both solo tourists or those travelling in groups. It has several resorts, floating restaurants and cottages, and a variety of water sports activities. Lapu-Lapu City is also gradually becoming the choice destination among celebrities. Who knows, you might even spot your favorite K-pop star sunbathing in one of its resorts.

El Nido, Palawan

Whoever claims that El Nido is not on their travel wish list is not someone you should believe. There’s no denying that El Nido is paradise on earth, a one-of-kind destination that the Philippines takes great pride in. Brimming with breathtaking sights, it is the perfect spot for island hopping and feasting your eyes on the wonders of nature.

Marvel at the range of captivating attractions on this island, such as white sand beaches, turquoise waters, hidden lagoons, limestone cliffs, wildlife sightings, and sandbanks. It’s an experience of a lifetime to witness the beauty of El Nido.

Coron, Palawan

Another popular vacation spot for locals and tourists from around the world is this wedge-shaped limestone island. Coron is home to the most picturesque wonders such as Twin Lagoon, Kayangan and Barracuda Lake, among others. It offers unrivaled camp excursions and kayaking adventures with its abundant marine life and amazing shipwrecks from World War II.

Coron is the perfect island to level up your snorkeling and diving skills. With the influx of visitors, it offers both budget-friendly accommodation and luxury hotels where one can relax and breathe the fresh air of this majestic paradise.


Also known as the “City of Pines,” Baguio is a cool holiday destination for people looking to get away from the heat. Situated in Benguet province in Northern Luzon, it stands out among other places in the Philippines due to its cool climate, which rarely goes below 52 degrees Fahrenheit or rises over 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

There’s never a shortage of adventure in Baguio. You will be captivated by the allure of mountain peaks and the fresh air. You’ll find yourself purchasing wood carvings in the wonderful Ifugao Woodcarvers Village, a picturesque view of the countryside and a cultural hub for Cordilleran art. Everywhere you go, such as in Tam-Awan Village, StoBoSa, Botiw-tiw, Sadjap, and many other places, you get a strong sense of community.


Considered as the entertainment and cultural hub of Metro Manila, Pasay exudes a more vibrant sense of city life. Pasay is the most frequented location for leisure and active entertainment because of its world-class theme and ocean parks, crowd-favorite museums, luxury hotels and restaurants. Visit the Upside Down Museum, Manila Baywalk, Lakbay Museo, and Seaside Dampa, among others.

The most cutting-edge commercial, residential and recreational areas can be found in Pasay. It also has the SM Mall of Asia, the third largest mall in the world.


Hailed as Metro Manila’s “heart,” Manduyong is always part of the “best-of” list. The second-most active economy in the nation charms thousands of tourists every year. It is home to prestigious hotels, commercial centers, and businesses. Young people and professionals meander through the city in search of the many respected firms located in Mandaluyong.

In addition to being a thriving business center, Mandaluyong is a kaleidoscope of history and culture. The Podium, San Felipe Neri Church, Greenfield Weekend Market, St. Francis Square and many others are among its main tourist destinations. Long known as the “Tiger City of Manila,” Mandaluyong also has a bustling cultural scene that you wouldn’t want to miss. S


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