Active vacations such as road biking are growing in popularity, especially nowadays. Many travelers have been embracing the thought of traveling throughout a certain region or country through an activity that will also increase their physical fitness. Europe has a lot to offer when it comes to haven destinations for active vacations. As a result, summarized below is a list of places where road cyclists may enjoy the beautiful scenery and the greatest conditions all year long. Ready your gears, as here are the best biking destinations for cyclists around the world.

10 Scotland

Scotland contains a vast choice of trails and cycling routes that are suited for bikers at all levels and ages. The Hebridean Way bicycle path is the longest to complete, taking about 6 days that starts in Vatersay and ends at Butt of Lewis. The terrain is mostly flat, and the journey can be broken up into smaller halves. Other cycling routes to try include Edinburgh City Centre to the Shore, which takes only 10 minutes to complete, and Lerwick to Scalloway, Shetland, which provides breathtaking views of the islands.

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9 Croatia

Croatia is a fantastic cycling destination, especially for magnificent vistas, thanks to its pristine terrain and isolated beaches. Istria, located in the country’s northwestern corner, is a great place to go cycling in a steep landscape dotted with vines and visit settlements with Roman architectural style. Dalmatia and Rovinj for great seaside roads, Motovun for medieval villages, and the Danube and Sava River Basin routes are all recommended routes. The latter is a 960-kilometer route that connects three national capitals and features a variety of infrastructure.

8 Mallorca, Spain

Due to its optimum temperature before and after the summer season, as well as great routes and excursions for all, Mallorca has established itself as a must-see destination for both recreational and experienced cyclists. The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range in the northwestern section of the island, between the picturesque villages of Pollenca and Soller, features a wonderful path for novices. For a more challenging route, take the trip from Port de Pollenca to the tip of the cape that takes 35 kilometers long and an additional 1,000 meters.

7 Norway

The Atlantic Road, an 8-kilometer stretch of road that connects eight islands via eight bridges, is situated in Norway. It has been designated as the country’s most scenic cycling road, with picturesque blue waters on both sides of the road for cyclists to enjoy. During the summer, cyclists can also stop for other excursions such as fishing, seal safaris, and diving at the Stromsholmen Diving Center. The Fjord Coast, located in the northern portion of Bergen and surrounded by massive mountains, is a good option for less congested excursions.

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6 Switzerland

Switzerland may not be as well-known as other locations for cycling vacations, but its picturesque views and natural wonders provide a wealth of chances, making it a must-see for cyclists. The Swiss bicycle routes, on the other hand, are primarily meant for individuals who are used to riding challenging tracks. The Susten Pass and Furka Pass are recommended routes, including a photo op in front of the famed Belvedere hotel. Grimsel Pass, a 120-kilometer trek with three peaks exceeding 2,200 meters, is also a must-visit.

5 Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites is a mountainous terrain found in northern Italy, near the Austrian border. It provides remarkable landscapes listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. In Italy, the number of runs is nearly infinite, and the alternatives are vast. The Passo Dello Stelvio, Italy’s highest road pass at 2,758 meters, is recommended for experienced cyclists looking for a tough ride. Every year, the region hosts several well-known professional races, as well as two of the main cycling events.

4 Tenerife, Spain

Because of its optimum temps of 22 to 25 degrees Celsius, Tenerife is a true cyclist’s paradise. This temperature is largely felt on Gran Canaria, the largest island in the Canary island chain off the coast of Morocco, making it an excellent year-round road cycling destination. Aside from that, it offers amazing views of the island’s diverse geography. For many years, Tenerife has been the preferred winter camp destination for World Tour teams. It is also not surprising to encounter professional cyclists ascending the El Teide path, the island’s most popular peak.

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3 Andalucia, Spain

Andalucia is a refuge for bikers from all over the world, thanks to its natural trails, cultural tours, beaches, and ideal climate. While the legendary Costa del Sol offers amazing views of the Mediterranean, the region’s interior, with its varied terrain, also offers stunning views. Cyclists must never miss embarking on a journey across the highlands and the traditional Pueblos Blancos that surround Ronda. La Carretera de la Cabra, which connects the sea to Granada and is 36.7 kilometers long with a 5% average slope, is the city’s most notable ascent.

2 Provence, France

Provence has world-class cycling routes in addition to being one of the must-see destinations in the Tour de Frances. It is a fantastic cycling destination because it is situated between the Mediterranean and the southern region of the French Alps. For a variety of elite cyclists, Monaco has become a popular training and residential destination. From the Bedouin village, the renowned Mont Ventoux offers a hard ascent of 10% over 18 kilometers; there are three very basic approaches to the peak with over 1900m.

1 Slovenia

Slovenia is known for producing outstanding champions who have won medals in the most major European races, putting the country in the spotlight today. With its varied topography and rich range of scenery, the country allows tourist cyclists to follow the training paths of these Slovenian champions. The Julian Alps, located on the border between Italy and Austria, is a must-see for anyone who enjoys challenges and spectacular climbs. The Mangart Saddle and Vri Pass, on the other hand, are suitable for cyclists looking for a more relaxing climb with stunning views of the natural world.

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