Photo Courtesy of Nick Haynes.

St. Louis is the perfect place to live for remote workers seeking a low cost of living with access to a bunch of remote job opportunities and low-cost, big-city experiences. Even though it is one of the largest cities in the Midwest, the cost of living in St. Louis is 13 percent lower than the national average. The city is home to top-notch employers like Block Inc formerly known as Square, BJC Healthcare, and Emerson Electric, and has a variety of co-working spaces like T-Rex, TechArtista, and the city’s first black-owned co-working space The Kazi Society. St. Louis is also great for remote workers looking for a place that is family-friendly and workers with kids can enjoy free access to the city’s zoo, the Science Center, and a plethora of other family activities that typically cost in other metropolitan cities. 

The Gateway to the Midwest also leads the nation in emerging female entrepreneurs and is an excellent place for startups and business owners looking for a place to grow.


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