A city glamoured by pristine nature, exquisite craftsmanship, heritage whimsy, and enigmatic allure, Hangzhou has been an inspiration for poets throughout the ages for good reason! Here are some irresistible spots to linger in when visiting this storybook imperial outpost.

China Silk Museum
Siyuwj, China Silk Museum, 2017-11-12 01, CC BY-SA 4.0

Dream at West Lake

A visit to this scenic enclave of artisan teas, silks, medicines, and handicrafts is akin to walking through a living masterpiece, with the sunrises and sunsets at West Lake representing the crowning glory of every day’s excursions. Whether you’re most enamored by roving the picturesque canals by waterbus, searching for out unique lake tapestries just like the Three Pools Mirroring The Moon, and climbing up the Two Peaks Piercing The Clouds for eye-opening panoramas, the famed lake is dipped in a spellbinding ambience.

Roam Antique Enclaves

This oriental fairyland town is a mosaic of Sino-Western imperial mansions lounging in lushly arrayed gardens with artificial caves and musical waters, jewel-toned marketplaces selling vintage treasures, and transporting old streets lined with traditional homes, old-timey teashops, and antique boutiques that rival the blossom-strewn causeways and fleeting bridges of West Lake.

Visit the Silk Museum

An exquisite feat of architecture and artistry, the UNESCO-listed Hangzhou National Silk Museum is a masterpiece comprising over 50,000 square metres dedicated to themed galleries featuring this proud heritage of human skill and ingenuity. If you’re searching for outstanding Hangzhou apartments proffering premier access to its diverse enticements, enterprise no further than the likes of Citadines Intime City Hangzhou.

Discover Mejjawu Tea Village

Besides having fun with the fragile jade-toned liqueur of the famed Longjing tea, you possibly can roam the luxuriant tea terraces and beckoning paths that surround the quaintly fascinating Hangzhou National Tea Museum.


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