The world has no shortage of beautiful places to photograph, but you should keep in mind that many of the most visually stimulating can be somewhat off the beaten track. After all, a usually stunning place can be somewhat less so when thronged with tourists.

Here are some compelling candidates for the accolade of ‘most beautiful place in the world’, enabling you to start packing your camera equipment with greater confidence.

The Greek Islands 

In 2020, historian Bettany Hughes told the Daily Mail about her experiences of filming a documentary series with a TV production crew in Greece: “Say ‘Greek island’ and the stereotype of blue skies, blue seas and blue-domed churches springs to mind. We found all that and more.”

She highlighted the island of Santorini and its town of Akrotiri, where you could enjoy checking out “spooky streets” as well as “fabulous artwork and houses three storeys high”.

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Kisoro District, Uganda

It’s easy to underestimate the sheer size of Uganda — even just the southwest of this landlocked East African country is abundant in beautiful lakes and volcanoes.

In a BuzzFeed article rounding up awe-inspiring photos taken by holidayers, one of them has shared a photo of Uganda’s Kisoro District, adding: “Here is a kind reminder of how beautiful Africa is. The lake in the background is Lake Mutanda, which is near Kisoro in the southwest.”

Teotihuacán, Mexico

Another traveller quoted by BuzzFeed has reported: “I took an early morning hot air balloon ride over the pyramids of Teotihuacán, Mexico, and it was breathtaking — the view of the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.”

In the area, you would be able to join an adventure tour that takes you around the pyramids by foot. However, the most exciting photo opportunities could actually be from the air, as many people who have taken a balloon ride above these pyramids would likely be happy to attest.

Camargue, France

“You don’t have to travel to the ends of the Earth to get somewhere truly remote,” Amateur Photography contributor Steve Davey has insisted.

He added: “The Camargue in Southern France is a vast wetland, where cowboys or ‘gardians’ on white horses raise black bulls, and flamingos fly up from Africa.”

To reach the Camargue, you could book one of the Cunard cruises that stop at Marseille, allowing you to travel from this prefecture situated in France’s Provence region. This itinerary would also give you access to many photo-worthy sites even on your way to the Camargue.

Blue Mosque, Turkey

The Blue Mosque has the formal name of the Sultan Ahmet Camii, and is arguably one of the planet’s most stunning buildings.

Construction work on the mosque finished in 1616, and you can sense the immense history of the building from the moment you step into it — with its ornate ceiling a particular highlight.

Istanbul is home to more than 3,000 mosques, meaning that a visit to the city can present you with plentiful avenues for exciting photography before you even approach the Blue Mosque.


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