Why travel thousands of miles when you can just wind down and relax in your home soil? If this sounds like your go-to mantra when it’s time to book your vacations, you’re in luck. A new study by the travel website Travel Lens just revealed the best staycation destination in the US, and there’s something for everyone.

To come up with its ranking of top domestic staycation spots, Travel Lens took a multitude of factors into consideration. It analyzed the most popular tourist locations in the country, and then it looked at the number of restaurants and attractions per 10,000 people as well as safety levels, affordability, and even average temperatures.

According to the study, you’ll have to aim for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina if you want the best staycation experience. With a score of 8.15/10, the dreamy destination will welcome golf lovers with more than 90 courses, and will satisfy foodies with amazing dishes, including delicious seafood.

Orlando will embrace you with its warm hug and take you on a wild ride. Ranking second on the list, the city flaunts 32 theme parks, including Disney World and Universal Orlando. If you’re looking for family fun, this is the place for you, but couples are welcome too. There are plenty of romantic hotels in Orlando, and the luxurious accommodations are deemed affordable as well.

Beach enthusiasts will find their ideal spot in Key West, Florida. Located in the heard of the Florida Keys, Key West snags the third spot on the list with its high average temperature of 77.3 degrees. And if laying flat on the beach is not your go-to pastime, you can always go for a more active experience, including snorkeling, fishing, and even touring the city.

On a more general note, the study also revealed a case-by-case winner depending on where you hold your priorities. If you’re trying to find the cheapest weekend getaway, Travel Lens suggests you head to Page, Arizona, where hotels are priced as little as $74 a night. Foodies across the country should instead aim for Stanley, Idaho, which flaunts the most restaurants per 10,000 people. The same small town is also prized for being the one with the highest proportion of attractions, including hiking trails and horseback riding.

Take a look at the complete list of top US staycation destinations below:

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Orlando, Florida
Key West, Florida
Page, Arizona
Moab, Utah
Tampa, Florida
Miami, Florida
Charleston, South Carolina
Stanley, Idaho
10. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

For more information and to read the whole report, you can visit this website.


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