Tourism activities must be organised sufficiently during Tet hinh anh 1Ba Den Mount Festival on the fourth day of Lunar New Year in Tay Ninh province. (Photo:
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) – The Vietnam National Administration
of Tourism has recently requested the Departments of Culture, Sports and
Tourism in provinces and cities to ensure tourism activities on the occasion of
the Lunar New Year (Tet).

The administration said that people nationwide will have a long
vacation, and international and domestic tourists are expected to increase so
some tourism spots may be overcrowded.

Therefore, the administration asked the Departments of Culture,
Sports and Tourism of the provinces and cities to strengthen the management and
inspection of the quality of tourism services, especially accommodation
services, transport, travel activities, tour guides, catering in tourism
attractions and entertainment facilities.

The departments must coordinate with relevant agencies to ensure
security and safety for tourists, promptly detect, prevent and resolutely
handle acts of stalking and troubling tourists, as well as implement the
regulations and instructions of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of
Culture, Sports and Tourism on the prevention of diseases, especially the
prevention of COVID-19 infection.

The departments were also asked to guide the management boards of
tourism areas and establishments to actively develop plans and organise
activities to serve tourists during Tet.

The businesses should prepare enough food and goods to serve
tourists. Prices must be publicly listed.

The relevant units must review the facilities, promptly repair
damages, strictly implement measures to prevent the spread of diseases and
ensure food safety and hygiene.

Restaurants and catering establishments should only use food of
clear origin, and not use colourants and potentially harmful additives.

Hotels and restaurants should ensure sufficient human resources to
serve and support tourists and collect garbage and waste everyday./.



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