It literally means our guest is our god.

It is a Sanskrit verse taken from ancient mythological Indian scriptures which was stated by clever and learned people. This phrase portraits the host-guest relationship.

Since ancient era, the gesture of serving guest is in plethora in each Indian.

Just counter-clockwise your time needles to the oldest a long time and the same scenario is visible. For instance:

Lord Ram when reached the home of a poor old lady called Shabri, she overwhelmed on the arrival of her most awaited guest. Shabri filled the trail with flowers and brought berries for him. Before serving berries to lord Ram, Shabri tasted them first. If the berry was sweet, Shabri served it to lord Ram, otherwise threw them away.

This gesture of Shabri reveals her selfless love and respect for her guest.

Another incident which limelight this idea was finalized by lord Krishna himself. His childhood crony Sudama, who was very poor, got here to satisfy him and seek some help. Lord Krishna welcomed Sudama. He washed his legs, wiped them with towel and shared dinner with him. At the time of his departure, lord Krishna bestowed him with wealth and luxuries.

This act of lord Krishna drowns all of the unseen partitions of discrimination and creates a humble bridge between the host and a guest.

The above mentioned acts are only little drops from the infinite ocean of this type attitude that are filtered to clear you the image of this sense.

With the onset of civilization in India-eras and a long time, rulers and religions have modified however the mindset of considering our guest as god continues to be stagnant and won’t ever change on this country.

Finally, it became the code of conduct for the fashionable India. Campaigns are held and supported by the Indian Tourism Department under the theme-The Incredible India. Superstar Aamir Khan is moving ahead shoulder to shoulder with the Tourism Department on this divine act.

Like, when the sugar falls, ants gather around it; so is the love and respectful love of Indians that draws the tourists. This concept builds the bridges between Indians and the tourists.

ATITHI DEVO BHAVA-this is the integral a part of our Indian culture and we’ll keep it alive.



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