Kalutara, a city within the Western Province near the capital, has many attractions to explore. Its beaches are less crowded than those on southern coast. Kalutara can be home to the scared Bo-Tree, one of the crucial hallowed sites on the island. Read on to find among the most original and least travelled attractions in Sri Lanka.

Visit the sacred Kalutara Bodhi

This Bodhi Tree (Ficus Religiosa) is one in every of the 32 saplings taken from the unique tree where Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment. The sacred Kalutara Bodhi is a revered pilgrimage site where visitors can experience a way of tranquillity and spiritual significance while admiring the traditional tree and its historical and spiritual significance.

Explore Richmond Castle

Built throughout the 1900s, the elegant Richmond Castle belonged to Mudaliyar Don Arthur De Silva. The impressive colonial house overlooks stunning vistas of the countryside and borders Kalu Ganga. Some of the very best hotels in Kalutara, comparable to the Turyaa Kalutara Hotel, are great places to base your stay at.

 Visit Fa Hien Caves

Fa Hien Caves
Image via Wikimedia Commons – Dumindra96, Buddha Statue in Fa Hien Cave, CC BY-SA 4.0

Encounter pre-historic caves inhabited by Fa-Hien, a Third-century CE travelling Buddhist monk. These large caves are dated to prehistorical times and hold several skeletal stays and other artefacts.

 Discover Katukurunda Beach

One of the lesser-visited beaches in Kalutara is Katukurunda Beach. Its pristine golden sands, blue coastline and swaying coconut trees will enchant visitors at first sight.




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