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If the end of half term has got you thinking about future breaks, then new research has put some of the cheapest options for Easter in the spotlight.

The team at luggage storage platform Bounce have revealed some of the best destinations for savings over Easter – as well as the worst.

They analysed the average nightly cost of a three-star hotel, comparing both months of the year and days of the week, and have put together a list of the best ones.

The destination with the highest possible savings by month is Jaipur, India. This seems to be the best time for hotel deals, as a stay in March costs £27 on average – compared to £249 in January. 

It’s also significantly cheaper to visit Rio de Janeiro over the Easter period, with savings of up to 483% a night. A hotel in Rio in June will cost £344 on average, compared to just £59 in April – making it the cheapest time of year to visit. 

Great savings for April can also be found in Johannesburg (186%), Beijing (124%) and Munich (113%). 

Cheapest destinations for an Easter break:

Destination (cheapest month for hotels)

1. Jaipur, India  (March)

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (April)

3. Johannesburg, South Africa (April)

4. Beijing, China (March)

5. Munich, Germany (March)

6. San Francisco, US (March)

Bounce also identified some of the more expensive options for March and April. So if you’re trying to save the pennies, there are some destinations to avoid.

Hotel prices in Providencia, Colombia, spike by 314% in March where the average hotel costs £178 per night, compared to £43 in January for the same room. 

Likewise, prices in various Italian destinations also increase over the Easter months, with Cinque Terre, Milan and Rome all boosting their hotel costs during April.

Most expensive spots for an Easter break:

Destination (most expensive month)

1. Providencia, Colombia (March)

2. Cinque Terre, Italy (April)

3. Milan, Italy (April)

4. Marrakesh, Morocco (April)

5. Rome, Italy (April)

6. Dubai, U.A.E (April)

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Bounce also highlights some other cheaper ways to travel this year, stating that a Saturday check-in is usually the best day for a cheap hotel deal. 

Whereas the most expensive day, on average, to book a hotel room for the night is Friday. 

Also, July is the most expensive month for a trip – as it seems to be the priciest month to travel to 11 destinations, including Dubrovnik, Tokyo, and Florence.

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