There are tropical destinations that everyone visits, and then there are those off-the-beaten-path that some don’t even know exist.

Many people crave a relaxing beach vacation, wishing to have some fun in the sun. Though many people dream of traveling to the Maldives or Bora Bora, many other island nations offer tropical views that are equally beautiful (and a little less crowded). Why not pack some bags and head to these islands? Take a look at some tropical destinations that many travelers may not have heard of but are definitely worth packing a suitcase for!

9 Mauritius

Mauritius is a little slice of paradise along the Indian Ocean. To tourists familiar with this cozy island, it’s chalked full of stunning beaches and lush tropical vegetation. When in Mauritius, travelers seeking beautiful sights can head to the Seven Colored Earth, a multi-colored geological wonder. Otherwise, they can also check out the Trou aux Cerfs to admire the stunning views of a volcanic crater. In addition, Mauritius is well-known for its botanical gardens, including the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden.

8 Tuvalu

Tuvalu doesn’t receive as much tourist attention compared to other tropical islands. However, this can be a good thing for many travelers seeking a quiet getaway! Considered one of the smallest and most remote countries in the world, travelers can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful sunny vacation without the bustling crowds of tourists. Beachgoers can soak in the sights of Tuvalu’s atoll, Funafuti, or tour the islands by motorbike! Alternatively, tourists can simply bask in the pleasant tropical climate, consistent all year round. This tiny nation is located just some km north of Fiji.

7 Siargao

Located in the Mindanao region of the Philippines, Siargao is an island famous for its incredible waves. Because of that, this tear-dropped-shaped island attracts surfers from all corners of the globe every year! Besides surfing, Siargao also transforms into a peppy party at night, a favorite among youthful travelers. Otherwise, there’s no shortage of peaceful places to check out in Siargao, including the mangroves of the Sugba Lagoon, Kawhagan Island, or the tiny (and shadeless) Naked Island. Budget travelers will also adore Siargao because it’s a budget-friendly travel destination!

6 Bonaire Island

Bonaire is pretty much under the radar for tropical travel destinations, but it’s hard to understand why. This nation is a prime diving destination and has an incredible array of protected wildlife, waiting for curious tourists to admire its stunning views! In addition, tourists conscious about the environment will love Bonaire’s approach to sustainable tourism while respecting the wetlands scattered across the islands, including Pekelmeer’s Flamingo Sanctuary.

5 Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago aren’t islands people have never heard of; however, more tourists, due to its development, are keener on traveling to Trinidad. However, Tobago is perfect for travelers seeking a tropical refuge. Nature enthusiasts can check out Tobago’s tropical rainforests which are one of the oldest forests in the Western Hemisphere. Tourists can not only immerse themselves in a tranquil refuge of lush forest, but they can also spot some teeming wildlife within them; Tobago is especially a popular place to view wild birds! However, Tobago is also famous for “glow plankton” that can be seen glowing in the night on the shores of the coast.

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4 Grenada

Nicknamed the Spice of the Caribbean, this tropical hidden gem is ideal for foodie travelers needing a relaxing vacation. Known for its nutmeg, spices, rum, and chocolate, Grenada is renowned for its white beaches and waterfalls. The country is also home to the World’s First Underwater Sculpture Park, where tourists can dive and explore the shipwreck of the Caribbean “Bianca C.”

3 Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra can be considered one of Puerto Rico’s hidden gems. This quiet island lies along the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. It is famous for its white-sandy beaches, perfect for lounging around. Time and time again, Culebra’s Flamenco Beach is often recognized as one of the best beaches in the world! Nature buffs can also enjoy several wildlife refuges in Culebra, dedicated to preserving endangered marine life, including sea turtles.

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2 Réunion Island

Infamously named the “Shark Capital of the World,” many tourists who decide to give Réunion Island a chance will fall in love with its tropical beauty. From snorkeling within its lagoons to enjoying a friendly visit from dolphins along the coast, this island also shares a rich heritage and multi-cultural population, waiting for tourists to discover it. Travelers will also drop their jaws at the sight of the Cirque of Mafate, a UNESCO World Heritage site with dramatic peaks and valleys (which can only be accessed via helicopter or hiking).

1 Canary’s Tenerife islands

With a nickname like “the island of a thousand experiences,” tourists won’t ever be bored at Tenerife Islands, just off the coast of Spain. From the dramatics of the Mount Teide Volcano to the world’s laziest river at Siam Park, Tenerife Island is perfect for families, solo travelers, group travelers, and honeymooners. The island even has an artificial beach at Playa de Las Teresitas! Alongside its moderate climate all year round, Tenerife tourists don’t have to limit themselves to just a chill day at the beach; the island is literally their oyster!

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