The Tulsa Club Hotel is named one of the top eight historic hotel destinations in the country.

Travel guide Lonely Planet recognized the hotel for its rich history spanning nearly a century in downtown Tulsa. The Tulsa Club Hotel’s history dates to the roaring 20s, and after the major transformation a few years ago, a travel guide is calling it a must-visit historic destination.

 “It seemed like anything that happened in Tulsa happened here,” said General Manager Paul Van Raamsdonk.

 The Tulsa Club opened in 1927.

 “It was a city club, which is a country club and a business club. This hotel went through the prohibition era, it went through World War I, it went through a lot of different times that hit America in general,” Raamsdonk said.

 Raamsdonk says it used to be a men’s club until women were allowed in the 70s. He says from weddings to events, business deals to community projects, the Tulsa Club was the place to be. But in the late 90s, the country club business hit a rough patch.

“It laid dormant and vacant for 20 years. So, it actually was an eyesore for the city,” Raamsdonk said.

With a new owner and renovations, the Tulsa Club opened as a boutique hotel a few years ago. Director of Sales and Marketing Marianne McCann says as a historic property, many parts are original. 

“You can tell that there was a lot of thought to keep it as it was, but bring it current,” McCann said.

Lonely Planet calls it “an elegant throwback to the luxury of its time.”

Hotel leaders say it’s exciting and an honor to be recognized.

“What I like about it most is when people see those articles, it brings back memories.”

 History is preserved for guests nearly a century later to experience once again.


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