Summer 2022 is officially here and now that approximately 38 areas across the country are placed on Alert Level 1, people are now very excited to plan much-needed vacations with family and friends. While protocols must still be followed, budget is also a major consideration for the ideal summer holiday.

Senator Imee Marcos, with her now iconic #Imeesolusyon advocacy, runs down her top 5 budget summer destinations in her home province of Ilocos Norte on her upcoming vlog entry at her official YouTube Channel this Saturday (March 12).

From a romantic, secluded island to pristine beaches to the most majestic waterfalls, Imee reveals some of the best spots in Ilocos Norte that could provide the maximum amount of summer fun with the most minimal expense.

“At long last we can finally enjoy the outdoors. But of course we still need to follow all safety protocols,” says Imee. “This is a very special episode because this will help promote tourism in Ilocos Norte and help local establishments there. It’s important to know that we could definitely enjoy the summer season without spending too much.”

Loyal viewers of Imee’s YouTube vlogs are also in for a special treat with the appearance of a surprise guest that would give an added boost of laughter and feel-good vibes on this upcoming special episode.

Discover the budget-friendly hidden gems of Ilocos Norte this Saturday and subscribe to


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