Burleigh Heads is a famous tourist hotspot in and of itself – famous for surfers mostly, however the sights of pine trees and the trendy dining options are also a good draw for a lot of visitors. One of the most important attractions aside from these is the National Park, which is taken into account a highlight of the world and the Gold Coast itself.

John Rotenstein, Burleigh Head National Park, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons


The aboriginal people were the primary to live to tell the tale this land – thriving for countless generations and living in harmony with the sacred site of Tallebudgera Creek. Since the 1800s nevertheless, it was settled by government surveyor J.R Warner, who named the world “Burly Head” of its size.


Covering over 27 hectares, the park consists of rainforests, groves, grassland, creeks, and beaches. With all this, you may almost consider the park an ecosystem or two of its own! While visiting, one can have the pleasure of witnessing varied wildlife, starting from various birds of prey to the majestic humpback whale that broaches the ocean surface during Winter and Spring – making it an ideal place to go to from most serviced apartments within the Gold Coast.


Having been put aside as a reserve initially in 1886, it was considered a rare act of forethought in consideration for its preservation and was then gazetted as a national park in 1947. It stays the one Gold Coast headland that holds its natural state in any kind of substantial manner.

Safety Concerns

While it’s a simple visit from a luxury property comparable to the Avani Broadbeach Residences, try to be careful visiting as there are several hazards to look at out for. Part of the natural geology consists of massive basalt columns – with boulder movement sparsely occurring. Although these places are marked, they need to still be taken on with caution, as life-threatening boulder falls occurred as recently as 2014. It may get quite heated, and sunscreen in addition to plentiful water is really useful when visiting.


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