A whale and dolphin-watching expedition will function the right addition and complement to your travels in Sri Lanka’s southern province. Here is what you may expect.

Dolphin Watching
Dolphin Watching | Image by Pentapfel from Pixabay

Find an appropriate place to remain

Aside from featuring outstanding bases from where you may start touring through the wealthy heritage of Galle, hotels in Galle the likes of The Fortress Resort & Spa will come across as a worthy companion during your time on this a part of Sri Lanka. While affording rewarding accommodation experiences, one can toy with the considered occurring a whale and dolphin-watching trip while staying here.

Why Mirissa?

Simply put, the seas off Mirissa are where one may catch a glimpse of the biggest animal on the planet which is the Blue Whale. What’s more? A certain micro organism known as plankton is a typical sight in Mirissa which is consumed by this species and in consequence, a lot of Blue Whales might be discovered with some luck and patience.

When to go?

With such an abundance of plankton in these waters, a resident population of whale species currently reside off the coast of Mirissa. Worthy of mention is the undeniable fact that with the arrival of the period of November to April, many sightings of the Blue Whale together with other species are common.

Marine mammals to look out for

Part and parcel of whale-watching tours to Mirissa is the spotting of Sperm Whales, Pygmy Whales and in addition Bryde’s Whales. As you start moving deeper into the ocean, you’ll have the fortune of spending time with Spinner, Bottlenose and Striped Dolphins that are noted for his or her playful antics and mischievous behaviour.


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