As humans, it’s fascinating to take on the earth around us and see what other species we share the world with. One of those is animal watching – be it on safari, jungle trekking, or on this case, out on the oceans. Mirissa, a village in Sri Lanka, is top-of-the-line places on the earth to go whale-watching, and where an avid visitor could find ethical tours to see these majestic creatures of the ocean.


A fishing village that’s sandwiched between the towns of Matara and Galle, it’s best known for its scenery, white-sandy beaches and delicious food. It’s a well-liked holiday destination for a lot of to go sightseeing and calm down – and might be reached by automobile, bus, or train. It also has many activities, the least of that are the marine life tours widely available throughout the village, as many residences and tourist accommodations are quite developed and are an incredible place to remain.

Whale watching in Mirissa

For those that wish to go whale watching in Mirissa Sri Lanka, it’s vital to know what form of wildlife you’ll be able to expect if you go. Luckily, there’s so much to see; while the important attraction is indeed the good blue whale, there are other whale species too reminiscent of the killer, sperm and shark whales. Other than whales, there are also several dolphin species and turtle species to see as well.

Ethical Practices

It’s of utmost concern that as fans of those creatures, we must always also be careful for his or her safety. Unethical businesses only give attention to business needs and invade the space of those beauties, putting them in danger and intimidating them. To that end, it’s vital to only patronize the tours that know to respect boundaries when whale-watching.

What to Bring

While most reputable firms will offer personal protection that may vary between them in addition to the First Aid supplies that every one boats require, there are some things you’ll be able to bring to make your trip easier and more comfortable. These include things reminiscent of snacks and drinking water and awareness about any medication that one may use. Attire must be easy and comfy, because the high temperatures may require some effort to bear over several hours.

Other Activities

Parrot Rock
Image via Wikimedia Commons – Icaptures84, Parrot Rock Bridge in Mirissa Sri Lanka, CC BY-SA 4.0

Being a picturesque town, Mirissa and its nearby locations are fun to envision out as well with many accommodation options the likes of Tri Koggala inside close proximity. You can take a day trip to Weligama (quarter-hour away), a famous browsing spot to book a surf lesson from many places peppered across the shore, or you’ll be able to just travel around and soak up the sights from Parrot Rock for the classic palm tree-lined sight. For a greater view of each day local life, head into Matara town for the hustle and bustle.


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