Located in central South America, this tropical spot offers unbeatable scenery and warm temperatures from April.

As the month progresses, rainfall becomes scarce and the hot sun resumes, offering an average temperature of 18C.

Flamingo lagoons, hot springs and smoking volcanoes are just a few of the sights you can
expect while visiting Bolivia during this relatively crowd-free season.

Temperatures may vary throughout the region, with The Pampas offering the highest temperatures of around 31C during April.

Other popular spots are:

  • Sucre – average 23C in April
  • Potosi – average 17C in April
  • The Salt Flats – average 17C in April
  • La Paz – average 13C in April

Bolivia’s standout features include South America’s largest lake (by surface area), Titicaca, and the captivating views of the Andes mountain range from the high-altitude capital La Paz.


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