After two successful seasons, The White Lotus has established itself as one of HBO Max’s premiere shows. The anthology drama is noted for taking place at luxurious resorts like Maui and Taormina. The lavish settings set the tone for the show’s intimate look into the lives and relationships of wealthy guests of the White Lotus. With the location being so pivotal, there is much speculation about where season 3 will take place.

Details about The White Lotus season 3 regarding cast, release date, and location are scarce, but series creator Mike White may have dropped hints about the potential whereabouts of the next season. It is known that previous seasons all took place at a Four Seasons property, so this will likely continue in the next season. Rumors regarding the next location have speculated Asia as a likely candidate. With many Four Seasons locations scattered around the continent, there are some ideal locations for the next iteration of the White Lotus.


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Maldives White Lotus Location

The Maldives is an obvious choice for The White Lotus Season 3’s next location. The location was suggested as the next vacation spot by Daphne, a potential returning character in White Lotus season 3. There are also three Four Seasons locations in the Asian country that may serve as the host location for the White Lotus resort. The archipelago nation is a perfect backdrop for a luxurious stay for wealthy vacationers. The show is also known for exploring the darker underworld of the locations it visits. The Maldives could provide an exciting look into an Asian culture many viewers are unfamiliar with outside of the illustrious views.



Mike White has hinted that the third season may look into death and Eastern spiritualism. Japan’s rich cultural history would make a lot of sense. There have been rumors that Kyoto could be a potential landing spot for the next season. Kyoto not only has a Four Seasons, but its scenic beauty, religious shrines, and architecture make it the ideal Japanese location for the White Lotus resort. Japan was already considered as a potential location for The White Lotus season 2, so it is not far-fetched that they could make it work this time around.


Bali White Lotus Location

Bali has two Four Seasons properties; Bali at Jimbaran Bay and Bali at Sayan. Both locations fit as a high class vacation spot for the HBO Max show. The Indonesian province also works as a prime location to explore Eastern spiritualism. Almost 90% of the province identifies as Hindu, with many remaining people identifying as Muslim. This is unique as most Indonesian populations identify mostly as Muslim. Indonesia also requires religion to be monotheistic to be recognized by its government, and Hinduism falls more in line with spirituality rather than traditional theism. Bali’s religious demographic could be worth exploring to fit the thematic vibe that is rumored for season 3.


Thailand White Lotus Location

It is no surprise that one of the best TV shows of 2022 would garner so much attention surrounding its potential location for the next season. Due to some social media sleuthing, some have used Mike White’s recent vacation getaway to hint at the potential location. The show creator sent a video to journalist Evan Ross Katz thanking him for promoting the show. In the video, White is in Thailand, which leads many to believe he may be scouting the area. Thailand has a few Four Seasons locations, and while the hotel arrangement is speculative, it does add to the intrigue of Thailand as a landing spot. Thailand is also a prominent South East Asian country and has worked for huge films like The Hangover.

South Korea

There have been no hints suggesting South Korea as a potential location. With the increase in popularity of K-Pop worldwide and the country’s inclusion in huge movies like 2018’s Black Panther, the location could be a great host for the show. The white Lotus flower is symbolic in South Korea, and there is even a summer festival to commemorate it. The Muan Hoesan White Lotus Pond is the largest habitat of white lotuses in all of Asia. It is also symbolic of South Korea’s history under Japanese occupation, which could be something explored in the show.

As with the other locations, South Korea does boast a Four Seasons property, so it is definitely a candidate worth keeping an eye on. The Four Seasons Hotel Seoul is not located in a tropical environment like the previous two seasons, but a change in environment might be good for the HBO Max show.


Vietnam White Lotus

The Lotus flower is Vietnam’s national flower, giving it a natural connection to the show. It is known as “the flower of the dawn” and symbolizes purity, commitment, and optimism. The flower’s symbolism aligns with the Eastern spiritual nature that White Lotus season 3 is looking for, along with a Four Seasons location. With Buddhism and Catholicism being prominent religions in Vietnam, the contrast between the two could be worth exploring.

Vietnam has a long history with the United States, particularly because of the Vietnam War. The time period sparked social, political, and economic debates that has left a lasting effect on both countries. Many films have depicted the war from various perspectives, including Da 5 Bloods, Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, and Forrest Gump. The Vietnam War also spawned the TOPGUN program that inspired the movie. Season 2 of The White Lotus explored Italy’s connection to the Godfather and the contemporary view of the classic film. Season 3 could further explore American cinematic culture with the rich connection between the war and its effect on the movie industry.

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From Kyoto to Thailand, there has been a lot of speculation about where The White Lotus season 3 will land. There is no shortage of options, with the show boosting tourism in its previous landing spots. The only seemingly certain aspect is that the show will end up in Asia. Considering season 2 was supposed to land in Japan if not for COVID restrictions, it is not surprising the show producers would double back. Show creator Mike White has made a habit of teasing fans with details about the show, taking on a mystery of its own. No matter the location, season 3 will undoubtedly up the ante on one of the most exciting murder mystery dramas in recent memory.

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