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The Caribbean is a popular destination for Americans with so many islands to choose from, each offering its own unique appeal, but one country is breaking records and beating visitor numbers more than ever before.

Grenada is becoming a more popular destination for Americans, who account for more than 60% of visitors. This is helped by its proximity to the United States, which is a five-and-a-half-hour flight, regular flight itineraries to get travelers to the island, and an attractive digital nomad visa program.

This small island country had a stand-out November, accepting over 14,000 visitors which was the highest-ever total of visitors on record, and December is projected to stay on track for breaking the record for the same period in 2019.  

“We continue to build our brand equity so that travelers keep Grenada in their consideration set of destinations they want to visit,” said Petra Roach, CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority. “We are laser focused on attracting visitors who want to take advantage of our safe environment, numerous community initiatives and who want to get out and about.”

Caribbean. The Island Of Grenada. Grenada is a country and an island located in the southern part of the Antilles, Beautiful View Of Grand Anse In Grenada

Why Is Grenada Popular For Tourists?

Crystal-clear waters, rainforest trekking, pristine landscapes, aromatic spices, and friendly people are just some of the reasons that attract visitors to this beautiful and safe destination – not to mention its continuous balmy temperatures with an average of 82 Fahrenheit.  This oval-shaped island measures only 13 square miles, which means you could drive around the island in under six hours, but you’ll be distracted to stop by all the beautiful views and attractions along the way.  

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Caribbean. The Island Of Grenada. Grenada is a country and an island located in the southern part of the Antilles, Beautiful View Of Grand Anse In Grenada

Due to its history, Grenada has some interesting cultural influences since the British took over control of the French in the 1700s, so the country has a mixture of Amerindian, French, and English customs. You’ll find this, particularly in its cuisine, which reflects a variety of different cultures, such as its national dish – Oil Down, which is a salted meat and vegetable stew. You’ll also come across the heavy French influence as seen by the names of places and people’s last names, making this a diverse city to explore and witness its many customs.

Restaurant on the beach on the sand in grenada

What Are The Best Things To Do In Grenada

  • Swim In Its Glorious Beaches: with over 45 different beaches to explore, each consisting of fine white sand, clear waters, and beautiful views, you’ll find it hard to choose between them. Grand Anse beach is a favorite among tourists, due to its long stretches of perfect sands with gorgeous views and offerings of water sports, such as water skiing, parasailing, or kayaking.
  • Discover Its Underwater Sculptures: Grenada was home to the world’s first underwater sculpture park and contains 75 sculptures to either get up close and personal via snorkeling or scuba diving or view from a glass bottom boat. Installations include an underwater Jesus Christ, children holding hands, a newspaperman, and more.

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

  • Search For The Best Waterfall: Amongst Grenada’s rainforests, you’ll discover some breathtaking hidden gems – waterfalls. From the Seven Sisters waterfalls that create a large pool for swimming to Mount Carmel Falls which drops water 100 feet down a sharp edge, many of these waterfalls require some beautiful hikes through the jungle, which gives you an opportunity to see the local fauna and wildlife.
  • Learn About Grenada’s Agriculture: Belmont Estate is a popular tourist attraction that allows you to learn about Grenada’s agriculture scene, such as a tree-to-bar craft chocolate experience, a tour through its organic farm as well as a farm-to-table meal at its restaurant. Grenada wouldn’t be complete without a spice tour of its different spices, such as cloves, mace, and cinnamon, as well as a tour of its river Antoine Rum Distillery to taste some local rum.

Fresh nutmegs in red mace on sale at a spice market stall at St George's on the caribbean island of Grenada

  • Taste-Test The Delicious Cuisine: from checking out the best barbecue joints firing up the fish, pork, and chicken to tasting authentic Caribbean food at the local restaurants, there’s a long list of flavorful food you’ll have to try in Grenada, which has been dubbed Spice Island.

Annandale Falls Grenada - Waterfall

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