Panaji: Schools in the state have been asked to form ‘Yuva Tourism’ clubs, as per a directive issued by the Union tourism ministry. The programme aims at creating ‘young ambassadors’ who will encourage their families to seek new cultural experiences. This is expected to increase domestic tourist footfalls in the country, thus helping the tourism sector to grow.
“Schools are requested to establish ‘Yuva Tourism’ clubs from Class VI onwards involving teachers and students, making it the right time to utilise the power of youth in promoting responsible and sustainable tourism in the country,” the directorate of education has told schools in a circular, with the ministry guidelines.
“Spending on local items such as handicrafts, souvenirs, etc would boost the local economy, thereby contributing to Atmanirbhar Bharat. Feedback from these young travellers on infrastructure, services and overall destination experience would help in improving facilities,” the ministry has said.
The Union tourism ministry will anchor the entire programme and facilitate inter-state student exchange and annually enlist national destinations with tourism potential.
The clubs, meanwhile, will operate at different levels — school, district, zonal, state and regional-level.
The regional-level clubs will organise various competitions, seminars etc for the clubs at lower level. They will also organise tours based on themes like nature, heritage, rural, pilgrimage, wellness.
“The major objective is to educate the youth about the diverse cultures and geographies of India, appreciate the importance of travel and tourism in education, create awareness about tourism opportunities at an early age, teach and propagate responsible tourism practices and train students as skilled tourist guides and volunteers in hospitality sector,” the ministry has said.
At the school-level, the club will be headed by a faculty member and have a student coordinator, with a minimum of 25 student members.


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