Whether you’ve only got time for a quick weekend within driving distance or are prepared to devote a full week to a far-flung destination, spring break is a wonderful opportunity for a romantic getaway. “The stretch between the holidays and summer is a challenging time, especially in parts of the country where the weather maybe isn’t as lovely as we would like it to be,” says travel expert Lilian Rafson. “It’s nice to break up that time with something to look forward to, even if it’s not a huge vacation. For couples, this is a great way to recharge and connect.” 

While spring break is perhaps most often associated with kid-friendly family trips and college students partying all night, couples can also use the time for a romantic, adult-focused getaway—provided you tweak your approach. “Put more emphasis on your accommodations,” suggests travel advisor Mary Cropper. “Make it more about higher-end amenities and less about activities so that you can enjoy the property, and [spend] more time with one another.”

Meet the Expert

  • Lilian Rafson is the founder of Pack Up + Go, a travel planning outfit that specializes in surprise curated vacations in destinations throughout the United States.  
  • A U.S. Southwest specialist with Audley Travel, Mary Cropper was named an A-List Top Travel Advisor by Travel & Leisure in 2022.

Ready to start planning your vacation? Read on for 12 favorite romantic spring break destinations in North America. 


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