A TRAVEL expert has revealed some of the biggest mistakes that cost Brits when they’re booking flights abroad.

According to an expert travel agent demand for holidays in 2023 is soaring, which can make for stiff competition to nab the best flight deals.


A travel expert has revealed the biggest mistakes Brits make that cost them cash when booking flightsCredit: Getty

Gavin Lapidus, co-founder of eShores, has shared his best-money saving tips to avoid losing out the next time you fly abroad.

Fly early to mid-week 

One way to take full advantage of the best flight details is to fly earlier in the week if possible.

Recent data from Google has shown that flights departing between Monday and Wednesday are cheaper than those at the weekend.

Gavin explained: “Of course, this [flight prices] varies depending on your destination.”

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“If you’re flexible with your dates, always double-check departure days, as flying a day sooner or later could save you up to 20 per cent.”

Don’t rely on last-minute deals

It may sound obvious but it’s always best to book your flights as far in advance as possible.

Gavin said: “While there are occasionally good ‘last-minute’ deals on flights and holidays, it’s very dependent on how many seats are left on a flight – there may be none, or demand may be high, so prices can spike closer to the date of travel and you can end up paying more.”

“Last-minute deals do exist and can be great for booking cheap, impromptu trips, but relying on them for a planned holiday is a huge risk that no travel agent would recommend.”

Be savvy when booking for peak times  

The cost of flights during the school holidays can double in price because of low availability for holidaymakers.

Gavin said: “December is the last month to get a good deal on these peak dates, as prices will spike even further from January.”

“If you’re looking to take a summer holiday during peak school holiday dates, book as early as possible.

“For long-haul flights, 10-11 months in advance is when you’ll find the cheapest deals, while 8-10 months in advance is best for European trips.”

For those holidaymakers who aren’t planning a holiday around the school term, then you can grab a cheap deal outside of these dates.

Flying in January is often more affordable because of lower demand, so the first month of the year can be a good time to snag a deal.

Meanwhile Richard Gray, head of digital marketing at Insurance2Go, shared his best money-saving trips to avoid losing out next time you go on holiday including flying with hand luggage only and making sure to have travel insurance.

A travel expert recommends booking your flights as far in advance as possible to save money on flights abroad


A travel expert recommends booking your flights as far in advance as possible to save money on flights abroadCredit: Getty – Contributor


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