Tipped to be considered one of Sri Lanka’s favourite day trip destinations, Beruwala is a brief drive away from the capital Colombo. Here are a few of the must-experience highlights on this popular beach hotspot.

Beruwala Beach

As the essential reason most locals and tourists drive all the way down to Beruwala in the primary place, no tour of the world can be complete without splashing around Beruwala Beach. Easily accessible from Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara, which is a well-liked Ayurveda hotel in Sri Lanka, and countless other beach resorts in the world, Beruwala Beach is a water sport Mecca for the masses. Windsurfing, jet skiing and parasailing are perhaps the very best things to do here.

Barberyn Island

Located off the coast of Beruwala, the charming island generally known as Barberyn Island may occupy only 8 acres but has been a well known tourist attraction because of its lighthouse. Barberyn Lighthouse, which can also be called the Beruwala Lighthouse, dates back to the Eighteen Eighties and was built by colonialists.

Coral Reef Gardens

Coral Reef Gardens
Coral Reef Gardens – Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Marine life fanatics and avid divers must not miss the possibility to explore the coral reef gardens occupying the Beruwala sea bed. The area isn’t only teeming with tropical fish species but in addition sea turtles. Tortoise feeding can also be a well-liked activity on this area.

Brief Garden

Bevis Bawa’s residence and breathtaking gardens are a horticulturist’s dream destination in Beruwala. The landscape artist Bevis Bawa’s holiday home is not any less impressive than the Lunuganga Estate.




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