Situated on the sting of the Waitemata community, this venue is the proper place for anyone who desires to experience the bounty of the ocean in additional ways than one. For culinary, industrial, or other purposes, the historied market is just a couple of metres from the ocean itself, guaranteeing a phenomenal view and fresh goods from its depths.

Joe Ross from Lansing, Michigan, Auckland Fish Market and Seafood School in New Zealand (50871571371), CC BY-SA 2.0


Having stood upon the Auckland Waterfront for over 90 years, this market is an establishment – serving the freshest of seafood to its residents since 1925. The first publicly listed company on the New Zealand stock exchange, reportedly traces its history back to its founder, Albert Sanford, turning his passion for fishing right into a business operation.

Sustainable Oceans

From boat to table, the core of the Auckland Fish Market espouses a vision for a thriving New Zealand ocean for years to come back. Boasting locally-sourced goods for essentially the most part and showcasing traditionally undervalued species of fish, the market encourages traders and visitors to widen their viewpoints and treasure the oceans forevermore. The market also endeavours to make use of recyclable and compostable packaging as a part of the sustainable effort.

Modern Revamp

Back in 2018, the market was revamped for the fashionable day. Adding modern architecture via a food-court style precinct, recent restaurant vendors and a courtyard bar allowed businesses to showcase the local kaimoana through inspired cuisine. The Sanford & Sons fishmonger still goes strong in the center of the activity, allowing those that are staying in a few of the perfect hotels in Auckland to go to the proud fishermen dishing out their local-caught fare.


Since 2018’s revamp and the addition of the market to the fashionable day, a hub of cuisine and culinary experimentation has blossomed into the market. For the various, well-travelled people who may decide to stay in properties similar to the Avani Auckland Metropolis Residences, there are cuisines starting from South American fusion to Thai, Japanese, and Polynesian dishes for palates of all ranges to check out.


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