Welcome to Jet Set. Below, see our favorite travel items and accessories right now. Annie Sheehan for Observer

Welcome to Jet Set, a recurring feature in which we highlight our favorite accessories and travel must-haves that are perfect for any kind of trip. Travel is starting to open up again, and whether you’re already packing for your next adventure or you’re just beginning to contemplate venturing out again, we’re here to help with all your jet setting needs. From a limited-edition suitcase and a sophisticated sweater to a nail polish kit and adorable pajama set, here are the travel pieces we’re loving and coveting right now.

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  • Away.

    Away The Carry-On Suitcase in Lavender

    Away’s classic polycarbonate carry-on suitcases are a cult-favorite for good reason, and while their usual array of colors are always chic, the limited edition options are also *so* good, especially when they’re as cheerful as this lavender shade.

    $225, Shop Now

  • Cote.

    Côte Mojave Traveler Nail Polish Set

    If you get bored of your nail color easily, or you just like to keep extra shades with you for quick touch-ups, you must check out these new traveler sets. The kit includes three different polish shades in TSA-friendly twist-off bottles, and they’re also a super clean option that are more long-lasting than other regular formulas.

    $24, Shop Now

  • Room Service.

    Room Service Bleecker Boxer Pajamas in Pop Fizz Clink

    Cute PJs are crucial for any trip, and this pink-trimmed pajama set is so adorable that you’ll look forward to your bedtime routine.

    $58, Shop Now

  • Frances Austen.

    Frances Austen Reversible V Sweater

    A classic wardrobe of timeless, versatile staples is key whenever you have a trip planned, and once you’ve found your go-to pieces, you won’t ever want to travel without them. This classic black cashmere sweater is cozy, comfy and chic, and it’s also reversible depending on if you want the v-neck in the front or back, which means you’re really getting two sweaters in one.

    $455, Shop Now

  • Jillian Dempsey.

    Jillian Dempsey Spot Stick Concealer

    Trying to pack a liquid foundation or concealer is tricky for so many reasons, whether it’s due to size limitations, TSA-restrictions and also the general fear of spillage. This spot stick concealer is such a good alternative to toting around a liquid formula, and we love that you can just throw it into your purse to use whenever you need a little touch-up.

    $32, Shop Now

Jet Set: Cheerful Additions to Your Travel Wardrobe


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