Welcome to 2023! This is the year you’ll finally hit the skies and travel to stunning destinations. Near or far, there is a lot to explore. But if you need some inspiration or a push in the right direction, we got you. A new list is out, looking at the best destinations to visit in 2023 and this Canadian city was listed alongside some pretty notable spots across the globe.

CNN Travel has released its top picks for where to travel in 2023 and if you live in Ontario, you won’t have to travel TOO far to explore the Canadian city named in the list.

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Liverpool, England, Manaus, Brazil, and Gothenburg, Sweden are a few of the cities that were named, but as for Canada, the country’s capital was listed as one of the best destinations to visit in 2023.

Considered “graceful and understated,” CNN Travel found Ottawa to be a city that can’t be overlooked. Catering to all interests, the list names exciting attractions that just make Ottawa the best – Ottawa Jazz Festivals, the Ottawa Senators and 67’s, Parliament Hill, and, of course, the world’s largest skating rink, the Rideau Canal.

This isn’t the first time a Canadian city has been named a top choice in travel destinations. Just last month, Toronto was ranked in a list highlighting the top city destinations in the world, of 2022.

Back in November, a new report by the Global Destinations Sustainability Movement actually found that Montreal was one of the most sustainable travel destinations in the world, too.

Looks like you won’t need to travel too far to experience and explore some of the world’s best cities.

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