Have you been interested by a sunny holiday throughout the winter? How about an easily accessible destination, with guaranteed sunshine and clear waters? On top of that, add some history and amazing food. Enough clues? Here is a getaway in Cancun, your next dream vacation.

Let me answer all of your questions on your getaway in Cancun.

Why visit Cancun, Mexico?

I can consider a number of reasons, so take your peak: benefit from the white sandy beaches and the clear, warm water, explore the Mayan heritage of the world, hit the nightclubs and bars, or just lounge under your umbrella and recharge your batteries.

Where is Cancun?

Cancun is an extended stretch of sand along the Caribbean on the northeastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula within the south of Mexico. It’s divided between Cancun City and the resort area, generally known as Zona Hotelera in Spanish, a big area completely dedicated to tourist services. 

How to get to Cancun, Mexico?

The international airport is well-connected to most major airports within the US and Canada. You may fly directly from a number of airports in Europe, like Madrid or Amsterdam.

If you’re already in Mexico, you’ll be able to take the 180 highway to Cancun. Beware though: it’s an extended drive from virtually wherever you’re coming from (it’s 1600 km away from Mexico City, as an illustration). A automobile could be very convenient to explore the Yucatan Peninsula when you get there, however the drive across the country could be exhausting. 

When to go to Cancun?

The weather in Cancun is warm year-round, with the most popular time in May (a median maximum of 33 C) and the good in January (with a median maximum of 27 C). 

December to March is essentially the most sought-after season in Cancun, because the weather is nice, with little to no rain, and lots of tourists are coming to benefit from the sun and escape winter at home. That being said, the water is comparatively cold during this season, and the costs are higher in the course of the peak season.

April to June are less crowded, with a number of exceptions in the course of the spring break and the week before Easter. The probability of rain increases, but that will be just a brief shower and better humidity.

July to October are hot, and the probabilities of rain are higher than the remaining of the 12 months. The sea is warm, so you’ll be able to enjoy your time within the ocean in case you don’t mind the seaweed that appears right now. This can also be the hurricane season, with its peak between September and October. Though hurricanes rarely hit the Yucatan, it’s best to regulate the weather forecasts in case you plan a visit during these months.

I’ve left November out because it’s barely different. The probabilities of rain decrease, the crowds aren’t there yet, prices are still reasonably priced, and the water isn’t too cold. If you already dream of summer, a visit to Cancun in November might just be the dream vacation you could fuel up for the winter ahead.

Cancun Resort, relax at the pool and enjoy the beach
Image by Odin Reyna from Pixabay

What? The best things to do in Cancun

Depending in your preferences for holiday activities, you’ll be able to do rather a lot in Cancun. If I were to decide on the most well-liked things to do in Cancun, they’d should be those below.

Enjoy the beach

Cancun is an extended stretch of white sand, 22 kilometers of it. There isn’t any vacation long enough to try each beach in Cancun, but you’re welcome to try.

Cancun Zona Hotelera

Explore the ocean

The ocean offers so many things to do on this area. Besides swimming, you’ll be able to snorkel within the reef, scuba diving, or try stand-up paddling (SUP). One of essentially the most interesting things to do in Cancun is to snorkel at MUSA, an underwater sculptures museum that’s becoming a part of the coral reef’s ecosystem. The museum is analogous to Museo Atlantico, one other artificial reef and one of the crucial amazing things to do in Lanzarote.

Party in Cancun

Cancun is well-known for its exciting nightlife. The party starts within the early afternoon and goes on until the early hours of the morning. Many of those nightclubs are aligned on Kukulkan Avenue in Zona Hotelera.

Discover the Mayan Heritage

The Yucatan Peninsula is stuffed with archaeological sites showing the stays of the Mayan civilization. Without leaving Cancun, you’ll be able to visit the San Miguelito Ruins and the Museo Maya. You get the possibility to be introduced to the Maya culture and see artifacts from Chichén Itzá or Tulum.

Speaking of which, book a day trip and head to Chichén Itzá to see for yourself the impressive ruins of this lost city. It’s the biggest Mayan archaeological site, and also you’ll find very well-preserved stone structures and the El Castillo stepped pyramid.

The stepped pyramid at Chichén Itzá
Image by José Andrés Pacheco Cortés from Pixabay

If you will have the time, the Tulum archaeological site must also be in your itinerary. Just, don’t forget your swimsuit for this one, as Tulum also has some amazing beaches.

Float in a cenote

Cenotes are sinkholes that appear where the limestone roof of a cave collapsed. They are fueled by the Yucatan Peninsula underground river system. You can swim in a few of these cenotes and also you’ll feel refreshed on a hot day. They even have organized tours visiting multiple cenotes in a day trip.

Practical Advice to Visiting Cancun

Where to remain in Cancun

As a first-time visitor to Cancun, it’s best to remain in Zona Hotelera and make the most of the 20+ kilometers stretch of white sand it’s built on. The accommodations options range from all-inclusive luxury resorts to boutique hotels and budget options.

I chosen considered one of the resorts offering the perfect of Cancun: Royal Sands Cancun: where luxury meets paradise. You will find the whole experience of Mexican hospitality and complete rest on the Royal Sands. Apart from the comfortable rooms and stunning views, you’ll discover the perfect Mexican cuisine, fresh seafood, and perfectly cooked steaks within the on-premises restaurants.

The beach facilities, pools, and SPA area will will let you chill out and take home memories (and Insta-worthy photos) of your dream vacation in Cancun.


As a tourist visiting Cancun, you could pay a tax, called Visitax. You can pay for it online, and it’s going to be robotically associated together with your passport, so that you won’t have to print or reserve it.

Packing on your Getaway in Cancun

Don’t forget your swimsuit, sunglasses, and sunscreen when packing for Cancun. However a very powerful is to bring your passport and valid bank card. Shopping options are all over the place so in case you forget something in your packing list for the beach, you will likely enjoy a bit of time browsing through the shops in Cancun.

On a more serious note, here is methods to plan your stress-free getaway in Cancun, Mexico.


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