With its pristine beaches and crystal blue waters, Sri Lanka is a haven for snorkelling. As a tropical island, there are plenty of spots where one can engage on this water sport.

Rock Island

Snorkelling on the Rock Islands is among the finest things to do in Unawatuna. That is since the pristine waters truly allow the vibrancy of the marine life to shine through. There are also around eight shipwrecks that one can explore during their trip. One such shipwreck that one cannot miss is the British Steamer Ragoon which still incorporates its masts.

Jungle Bay

Jungle Beach, Unawatuna | Image by Udeshindusara via Wikimedia Commons,CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED

Hikkaduwa could also be infamous for its coral gardens. However, there are breathtaking spots to watch coral reefs in Unawatuna itself. One such spot can be the Jungle Bay which incorporates a shallow point of entry.

Unawatuna Bay

While there are dozens of shipwrecks positioned across the island, they’re of various sizes. For amateurs, there may be a small shipwreck on the Unawatuna Bay that might be easier to explore.


Mirissa, a coastal paradise in southern Sri Lanka, offers a perfect snorkelling experience with its clear waters and diverse marine life. Even those that are staying at properties akin to Araliya Beach Resort & Spa could easily drive all the way down to Mirissa, which will not be removed from Unawatuna.


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