Kandy, Sri Lanka is a city filled to the brim with historical charm, mystifying tales of kings and queens, unbelievable spiritual serenity and natural beauty. If you visit this small city positioned deep inside Sri Lanka’s central hills, you’ll find many culturally significant places to go to that may assist you to understand what makes this small island so precious. Here are a number of of the preferred places that you could visit when you’re in Kandy in your island vacation.

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

Known by the locals as Sri Dalada Maligawa, this historic temple stands as one of the vital sacred symbols of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The constructing was constructed by the last king of Sri Lanka, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe and shows the Kandyan type of architecture while the within chambers house a few of the most beautiful paintings and murals of the era. As you make your solution to the upper level, you’ll get your likelihood to receive your blessings from the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha stored in a golden chamber.

Royal Botanical Gardens Peradeniya

One of essentially the most serene and peaceful locations in town, these magnificent gardens are the right spot for a picnic along with your travel partner. The gardens house over 4000 species of exotic plants, each endemic and non-endemic. You can see various flowering plants from orchids to roses meticulously cared for throughout the grounds. You can walk across the gardens taking in its beauty and natural scenery to chill out and escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Kandy Lake

The Kandy Lake sits majestically in the course of town surrounded by shady trees and town’s colonial architecture. You can see this beautiful body of water from most places to remain in Kandy City glistening brightly under the sun. Framed by the famous white cloud wall, this artificial lake adds charm and character to town. You can go for a peaceful walk across the lake with the locals who use the encircling underground crossways to achieve their each day errands.

Bahirawakanda Viharaya

Bahirawakanda Viharaya
Bahirawakanda Viharaya – Photo by Yves Alarie on Unsplash

Perched atop a verdant hill, this sacred temple offers visitors a panoramic panoramic view of Kandy and its lush surroundings. The centerpiece of Bahirawakanda Vihara is a towering white Buddha statue, gracefully presiding over town. This magnificent sculpture not only serves as a logo of peace and enlightenment but in addition stands as a testament to the island’s religious and cultural splendour. The tall, huge structure depicts Lord Buddha in Dhyana Mudrawa, the meditation pose wherein he attained enlightenment. The temple itself is positioned on Bahiravakanda Hill, just 25 minutes away from hotels in the realm equivalent to Earl’s Regency so you may easily plan your visit.

Lankathilaka Viharaya

Located somewhat away from town centre, Lankathilaka Viharaya is one other must-visit treasure if you’re in Kandy. The structure boasts incredible art and architecture from the Gampola Period, which was the reigning kingdom in Sri Lanka through the 14th century. You can find inscriptions written in ancient Sinhala and Tamil that provide beneficial information in regards to the country within the era, from trade routes and goods to clothing. Gadaladeniya Temple, the same temple built through the same era is positioned nearby as well.


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