The old-world charm surrounding the Galle Dutch Fort is at times, beyond description. Hence, this famed site is best enjoyed by allocating time for a tour through its impressive andimposing structure.

Galle, Sri Lanka
Galle, Sri Lanka | Image by Matthijs Idema on Unsplash


Going back to 1502, the Portuguese gained control of the Fort and used it as a jail camp before the Dutch arrived in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Thereafter, measures were taken to renovate the Fort with palm trees, mud, and sand. After this, the Galle Dutch Fort served multiple purposes and housed trade and defense buildings, an artillery house, the residence for the chief commander, and a protestant church.

Important information

Those residing at boutique hotels in Sri Lanka within the likes of Boutique Collection By Amaya can access the Fort by reaching Church Street which may be very much the guts and soul of Galle. Also, take into accout that there is no such thing as a entrance fee and the said attraction may be enjoyed 24 hours a day. This gives you on a regular basis to explore the ramparts, the old canons which have been decommissioned coupled with an array of value additions that currently find refuge inside the Fort partitions.


The Fort is stuffed with many shops and boutiques that sell an assortment of best buys. Take, for instance, Barefoot situated at 41, Pedlar Street where you can be enticed by its collection of handloom products and residential décor. On the flip side, should traditional artwork be your thing, then do drop by Exotic Roots at 50A, Lighthouse Street while fans of designer jewellery would do well to spend time at Three by TPV.


Foodies arriving on the Fort is not going to be upset either. This is because one may go for Sugar Bistro’s classic sugar burger and crab kottu, the Minute by Tuk Tuk’s flavoursome rice and curry combos along with Hoppa’s egg hoppers and spicy sambals.


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