Did you recognize that Osaka is the third largest city in Japan? Given its size, you’ll now think that getting around this city is tough and difficult. But NO! It’s easy and hassle-free.

Osaka city
Osaka city | Image by Masashi Wakui from Pixabay

By trains and metros

Spending your holiday at Travelodge Honmachi Osaka? Don’t worry about transportation as you’ve trains and metros which can be easily accessible. Avoid peak times if possible to avoid chaos.

By buses and trams

If you propose to travel around Osaka by bus, decide to buy a prepaid card and pay the fee with it. If you must explore the historic attractions in the town, traveling by bus is indeed the most effective.

By taxis

Hotels in Osaka, Japan often suggest you travel in taxis when you don’t need to use the general public transport network. Taxis in Osaka offer a reliable service, so don’t be afraid to make use of them even at late night. Taxi charges could be somewhat dearer than the remaining of the travel mode options, so keep that in mind as well.

By cycles

Osaka is taken into account a flat city. So, cycling is an incredible choice to travel around the town leisurely. You find many cycling areas and parks here in the town and you discover many shops that rent out cycles too.


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