If you’ve got a taste for the natural world, nothing beats taking over the good outdoors. Especially if you’ve gotten the precise camping gadgets with you. Camping is a conventional pursuit that’s stayed incredibly relevant through the years because of the chance it offers to reconnect with nature and get away from the distractions of today’s hustle and bustle world.

And while it also offers the prospect to disconnect from technology, even something so simple as lighting a hearth and sleeping under the celebs cannot completely escape the grasp of just a few handy gadgets. Indeed, why wouldn’t you make the basics of your camping trip that bit easier for those who can?

Camping gadgets you wish

In this guide, we’ve put together a listing of gadgets that won’t take away from being at one with nature but will show you how to enjoy it that little bit more.

An easy-to-use fire starter

You may feel a certain level of hubris in relation to with the ability to light a hearth using only nature’s tools. If you don’t or, more likely, you’ll be able to’t do this, then getting an easy-to-use fire starter is a must have for making the method roughly 1,000,000 times easier.

We’d recommend an electrical or waterproof lighter for those who don’t fancy taking things on with some flint and kindling.

Camping is the best way to reconnect with nature and yourself. Bring some camping gadgets with you.
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Wireless power bank

Gadgets need power, and a distant lack of AC mains power out within the woods means you wish some portable power solutions to maintain your essential tech going throughout your trip.

Start by ensuring you’ve gotten the precise batteries in your easy stuff. That could be button batteries in your watch or some AA batteries in your torch. For your fancier gizmos, get a wireless power bank, which shall be your saving grace when your phone is running low.

Mosquito Repeller

If you’ve ever felt like mosquito spray does absolutely nothing to dissuade mosquitos from feasting on you, try a more technologically advanced repeller device. There are just a few several types of repellers available – we’d recommend taking a take a look at a fuel-powered heat-activated device that puts a scent-free forcefield around you to fend off pesky critters.

Water filter

If you’re going hard in your camping trip, perhaps hiking over just a few days where you’ll be able to’t carry all of the supplies you wish, a water filter is available in incredibly handy for providing you with an infinite, safe-to-drink water supply – so long as you’ve gotten a spot to get water.

You can get multi-stage filters or simpler water-purifying bottles – the necessary thing is to ensure that you get one which works effectively.


A free-to-download app in your phone, what3words kicked up a fuss upon its release just a few years ago as a possible lifesaver in quite a lot of scenarios. The app takes your entire planet, splits it into 3x3m squares, and provides each of those squares a singular, three-word tag.

That means, for those who get in trouble, you’ll be able to make a call and help someone triangulate your exact location using those three words in query. A straightforward yet incredibly clever piece of tech that’s great to have in your phone just in case.

Unless you’re feeling particularly keen about having fun with a very basic camping experience, gadgets like those mentioned above will make your trip much more enjoyable without encroaching an excessive amount of on what makes camping great in the primary place. So, go forth and be at one with nature, just with slightly technology by your side, too.

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