Sri Lanka, some of the breathtaking destinations on the planet, offers a big selection of attractions, including culture, natural wonders, gastronomy, and wildlife. To benefit from your visit, you must know tips on how to get across the country efficiently.


Tuk-tuks, the enduring Sri Lankan ride, are the quintessential technique to get across the country. These three-wheeled vehicles are vibrant, compact, and ideal for zipping through the traffic-clogged streets of Sri Lanka. Tuk-tuks are perfect for sightseeing and visiting street markets. They offer a novel and exciting experience – just you’ll want to negotiate the fare before setting off in your journey.

Hire a Private Driver

For convenience and luxury, consider hiring a non-public driver. This will let you explore the country at your personal pace. Your driver can double as a guide offering you insights into local culture and history. If you’re staying at one in every of the hotels in Sri Lanka, you’ll be offered a vehicle with a chosen driver if requested.

Train Journeys

Sri Lanka features a wonderful train network that gives not only transportation but in addition an exciting experience. You can get just about anywhere by train in Sri Lanka. For example, should you are staying at Heritance Tea Factory in Nuwara Eliya, a hotel by Aitken Spence Hotels, you may get there by train, and also you’ll be travelling through scenic landscapes dotted with misty mountains and luxurious tea plantations.


Image via Wikimedia Commons – dronepicr, Bus fahren Sri Lanka (29446050934), CC BY 2.0

If you’ve got a budget to take into consideration, Sri Lanka’s extensive bus network offers you a wonderful selection. Buses connect major cities, towns, and even distant villages. The rides may be crowded and noisy, but buses offer an authentic glimpse into local life.



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