Thailand’s beauty is incomparable, and the varied collection of temples adds to its elegance. Ayutthaya is a famous historical site an hour and a half away from Bangkok, and listed below are some things to do whenever you visit this magnificent attraction.

Davidlohr Bueso, Wat Phu Khao Thong (Ayutthaya), CC BY 2.0

Find the Giant Reclining Buddha

You won’t ever run out of things to do around Bangkok, nevertheless, an escape to Ayutthaya can be the final word rest you would like and a special experience indeed. One of probably the most visited places in Ayutthaya, the enormous Buddha statue is one in all the most important reclining Buddha statues on the earth. It is 42 metres long and eight metres high and is positioned inside Wat Lokayasutharam. You can take a bus, train, or a personal vehicle to go to this site from Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel.

Cycling at Ayutthaya Historical Park

You can rent a bicycle and cycle across the famous Historical Park in Ayutthaya for a hassle-free sightseeing experience. This will make it easier to get a greater view of the structure of the temples and their layout while getting yourself a mini workout.

Visit Wat Phu Khao Thong       

This is undoubtedly probably the most majestic places to witness in Ayutthaya, and the large white chedi is difficult to miss. You can climb halfway up the tower to enjoy a few of the biggest views of the environment and worship with the locals on the bottom, taking a look at its grandeur.


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