Traveling has furiously returned after close to two years of delays as a result of the health pandemic.  In fact, the list of couples streaming to the travel and hospital industries indicates that many people are looking forward to enjoying their honeymoon this year.  Also, more destinations around the world are reopening, giving couples a perfect time to plan their honeymoon.

Based on the bookings this far, some honeymooners focus on cultural experiences, others beach, and desert getaway, while others still want city tours.  Due to that, the length of the honeymoon is bound to be longer than pre-coronavirus days.

Here are the top 5 honeymoon trends and destinations in 2022.

Top Honeymoon Trends in 2022

1.    Beaches

The shockingly-blue water, swaying palms, and soft sand are familiar features on the beach.  Resorts around the beaches and islands have ocean views, plunge pools, and out-of-this-world butler service.

Additionally, honeymooners can rent separate villas or lease the entire island for complete privacy.  Still, some destinations have expansive beaches that resemble quiet mountains and jungles.  Aside from offering you more privacy, they offer you locally-themed designs and dishes.

So expect to see wooden slating, crushed coral slabs, and jewel-tone tile work that come together in a unique and fantastical manner.  The meal comprises fresh fish and vegetables grown on-site.  These elements are precisely what makes beach destinations the perfect place for a honeymoon.

2.    Mountains

Think of a winter wonderland.  Such a destination gives you a cozy evening by the fire with your love.  The snow-caked pyramidal peaks dominate the skyline.  You can take in all that while skiing on one of the longest trails winding past the gurgling brook.  Getaways in such areas have comfy rooms lined with blond wood and linen, spas with several offerings, and fireplaces that are well stoked to keep you and your new spouse warm.

3.    Forest & Jungle

The destination comprises steamy equatorial canopy or overgrown forests with different shades of trees.  Some world-class retreats are created along the edges or deep within these pristine reserves.  As a result, there is unquestionable romance hidden in the uniqueness of the rolling landscape, rich local customs, and culture.

For instance, a honeymoon in the jungle with hundreds of acres of protected forests and waterfalls gives these new couples a deeply sustainable luxury experience.  They can enjoy zip-lining, night hikes, and stunning pools surrounded by foliage.

4.    Desert & Plains

The destination is a great quiet destination not overwhelmed by modern roads and buildings.  Instead, deserts and plains are filled with thousands of roaming animals.  A honeymoon in such a perfect retreat allows wanderers and wanderlusters to enjoy the silent beauty that nature offers.

You can sleep outside watching the stars in some luxuriant camps.  For instance, Namib is one of the oldest deserts on earth, while Tanzania and Kenya allow you to follow the wildebeest migration.  So travelers eyeing classic popular African destinations can consider booking smartly designed lodges in such locations.

5.    The City

An urban honeymoon is a perfect choice for a couple looking for compelling architecture and art, scintillating cuisine, and late nights out around the town.  Common features include a rooftop bar and cafes with a great view, vibrant markets, and elegant inns in most livable cities.

Honeymoon Destinations

Antigua: The destination gives you a host of untouched, virgin landscapes and beaches.  Together with her sister-island Barbuda, Antigua is a thing of beauty.  For instance, honeymooners can consider Dickenson Bay because it has several high-end resorts.  The abundance of corals in Coral Bay is the source of its name and is a perfect destination for snorkeling.  Aside from that, you can mingle with locals along Fort James Beach.

Hawaii: The destination has exquisite beaches, lush jungle, and stunning mountains.  In fact, although Hawaii is part of the US, honeymooners feel like they’re in another world because it gives them a romantic beach honeymoon.  A relaxed and welcoming city such as Honolulu offers history lovers a host of cultural activities.  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park allows you to walk along a crater and explore nature.

Jamaica: The small island nation has a big vibrant culture.  It’s the home to the world’s fastest sprinters, the music legend Bob Marley, and hospitality.  Some of the activities that active travelers can enjoy include rafting, hiking, swimming, and snorkeling in the luminous lagoon.  Other features include underground fantasy world stalagmites and stalactites, a crystal-clear underground lake, bottomless Blue Lagoon that makes you and your new spouse feel like you’re floating high above the clouds.  Honeymooners should not worry about accommodation because Jamaican Island has plenty of options such as high-end resorts and romantic guesthouses.

Seychelles: The destination is close to Tanzania and Kenya, where you can extend your honeymoon by visiting and enjoying an African safari in Serengeti and Masai Mara.  Seychelles itself is made up of a group of islands and is one of the popular honeymoon destinations for couples looking for something unique and exotic.  Since some of its 115 islands are so small, honeymooners can have an entire island to themselves.

Tahiti: Since the 18th century, Tahiti has been a paradise and one of the best holiday destinations.  It has tranquil lagoons, imposing mountains, crystalline water, several sandy atolls and islets to explore, and friendly people.  You can have a private honeymoon by renting a villa or an Airbnb that offers friendly concierge service.  The remoteness of its islands gives you an excellent opportunity for surfing, snorkeling, and diving.  Other outdoor activities include hiking across the island’s hiking trails and much more.


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