Leading foreign exchange provider, Eurochange, revealed when is the best time to book, and its top tips on how to get the best-priced flight.

Travel agents suggest booking three to four months in advance of the trip is the cheapest way to find flights.

In terms of the day of the week, Sunday is the most affordable day to book a flight.

January also tends to be the best month to secure a trip, with an average flight price of £47 cheaper than those booked in other months, like July.

Therefore, any Sunday in February is a perfect time to find a good deal for the summer holidays starting in May-June.

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However, holidaymakers should take into consideration that prices vary depending on the destination and other factors including seasonality and weather.

Managing Director of Eurochange, Charles Stewart, shared his simple tips for finding the best-priced flights.

Be flexible

Charles said: “Generally, you’ll find cheaper flights by booking three to four months in advance of the date you’re intending to travel on. If you allow yourself to be flexible and forward plan, searching via month will help you to find the cheapest flights to your chosen destination.

“In some cases, you can find good last minute deals on flights, especially if you’re not particular on exact dates when you start your search.


“If you’re stuck to certain time frames, such as school holidays, being flexible on the airline provider will also allow you to find cheaper rates, because budget airlines often don’t include add ons in their initial cost.”

Check when key calendar dates fall

The travel expert explained: “For those lucky enough to be able to travel outside of the school holidays, you’ll always be able to find cheaper flights by sticking to term time.

“For the best rates, take advantage of off peak months and do your research into when the school holidays fall ahead of your planning.

“This year, the start of the summer holiday begins on July 25.

Consider the cost of add ons

“More often than not, flight comparison sites are the best place to find value flights; however, it’s important to remember that the first price you see might not be the full cost.

“When pulling together your final budget, make sure that you’ve checked how much your chosen airline will charge you for seat allocation, baggage and food because on a round-trip journey it will quickly add up.

“Some airlines offer package deals which include flights, hotels, baggage, coach transfers and more, so it’s worth considering this option if you want a bargain.”

Charles added: “There are many other factors to consider when it comes to planning the perfect bargain holiday, including hotel cost, price of a meal and travel money. To get the best rate on your travel currency, you’re always better exchanging before you head on holiday.

“We always recommend bringing local currency to your travel destination, so it’s important to plan ahead and consider that purchasing travel money at the airport can be extremely expensive.”


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