Sri Lanka’s known normally for its beautiful beaches and wealthy history. However, there’s an extra facet to vacationing here – the natural beauty. Suitable for adventurous spirits and nature lovers alike, the Knuckles Mountain Range is one place that shouldn’t be missed, not only for the sights, but in addition as an escape from the cities and streets of every day life. Out of the numerous hiking options within the Sri Lankan countryside, that is probably the greatest.

Why Trek Knuckles?

For one, the Knuckles Mountain Range is as unique because it gets. Being as distant because it is, it requires slightly planning ahead, in addition to a resourceful outlook. It’s not going to be easy to start in your Knuckles trek, nevertheless it’ll be price it to see the unique biodiversity and put your stamina to the test. Best of all, there are many Knuckles Mountain hotels to make the most of and allow you to start.

What Knuckles is Famous For

Set within the high country of Matale, the mountain range is known for being a hiking destination, and probably the greatest. Named after the peaks and folds of the mountains that indeed resemble the body part, the scenery of shifting mists and cloud cover make for a wonderful ambience as you make your moves throughout the landscape. A couple of accommodation providers resembling the Wild Glamping Knuckles are positioned closeby here, too.

Booking a Trek Guide

Image via Wikimedia Commons – KapilaKTK, Knuckles Mountain Range 4, CC BY-SA 4.0

Travelling with out a guide is discouraged, and indeed not allowed within the Knuckles range, given its many treacherous and unpredictable paths. To that end, be sure to travel with a licensed guide that’s well-prepared and informed, to make sure the safest and most enjoyable trip possible. A guide can even provide the additional benefit of mentioning rare flora or fauna in your way through.

It’s no exaggeration to say that there’s quite a bit to see, so be sure you could have a route planned out together with your guide. There are such features because the Nitro Caves, a staggering cave system that’s sure to depart you breathless, together with the cloud forests. Make sure your guide takes you thru the Duwili Ella trail as well, to see waterfalls hidden away inside the forest. There’s plenty to enjoy, so why not take all of it in directly?


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