For a wildlife enthusiast, a visit to Sri Lanka wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Yala National Park. Located within the southern province of Sri Lanka, this park is renowned for its leopard population.

Best Time to Visit

February to June is the proper time to go to the park. During this dry period, properties like Cinnamon Wild Yala are sometimes fully booked. This timeframe is perfect for park visits because the reduced water levels in ponds make it easier to identify animals, especially once they emerge in search of water. For leopard sightings, February and March stand out because the prime months.

Where to Stay in Yala

Depending on the sort of Yala accommodation you’re in search of, there are various options to explore. It is feasible for one to either stay contained in the park or near it. However, if one is in search of more budget-friendly options, then the most effective plan can be to search for places in Tissamaharama.

Type of Wildlife at Yala

leopards – Image via Flickr

Yala National Park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, boasting a various range of fauna. Apart from the long-lasting leopards, visitors can encounter elephants, sloth bears, crocodiles, and a myriad of bird species, making it a fascinating destination for nature lovers.

Safari Tours

Only park-sanctioned vehicles are allowed to enter this park. But ensure that to keep in mind that these jeeps can enter the park only at 6 am and a pair of pm. As nobody can predict what the proper time slot goes to be, many visitors are inclined to visit the park each within the morning and afternoon.


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